Shuyan Wu
Shuyan Wu

Shuyan is...

a left-brained designer^1000

a right-brained analyst^1000

a left-handed chopstick-wielder^1000

a right-handed doodler.^2000

Shuyan is a visual designer and illustrator with a former background in economics and finance. She curently works as a digital designer at the State of North Dakota, where she leads UI/UX projects to improve the visuals, consistency and user experience of enterprise websites and applications. Outside of work, she is either making art, reading, or getting her steps in playing Pokemon Go.

Shuyan is open to design and illustration freelance opportunities. If you are looking for help or want to bounce around ideas, drop her a line – she'd love to chat.

  1. Recent favorites include The Plague, Lafcadio, and Such, Such Were the Joys.